Thursday, 23 April 2015

Minutes of General Body Meeting of AICESTMOA, Ahmedabad Unit held on 14.04.2015

                 A meeting of General body of All India Central Excise & Service Tax Ministerial Officers’ Association Ahmedabad unit held at 11:00 A. M. on 14.04.2015 at Custom House, Ahmedabad to consider the agenda already circulated.
            At the outset, the President welcomed all members. Further during the meeting, the following agenda have been considered :-
I.          General Election of Ahmedabad Unit-
            It has been unanimously decided that a General Election will be carried out to rectify the adhoc committee constituted vide Unit’s General body meeting held on 06.12.2014. In this regard, following decision have been taken during the meeting :-
            Date of Election will be 10.05.2015.
Election officer- Shri C. P. Singh, Tax Assistant, Service Tax, Ahmedabad.
The Election will be held for the following posts:-

Name of the Post
Number of Post
General Secretary
Asst. General Secretary
Organizing Secretary 

            Necessary formalities will be done by Shri c. P. Singh, TA, Service Tax, as he has been nominated as Election Officer.

II.         National Convention of Association to be held on 16.05.2015 at Hyderabad.
            It has been unanimously decided that Shri Vikas Kumar Gupta, General Secretary of Ahmedabad unit will represent the Ahmedabad Unit at National Convention to be held on 16.05.2015 at Hyderabad.
III.        Opening of Bank Account:-
            It has been observed that no Bank Account has been opened for Ahmedabad Unit till date. Hence, it has been decided to open Bank Account by 16.04.2015.
IV.        Welcome of new incumbents to the Association:-
            Many Havaldars have been promoted to the grade of Lowe Division Clerks and they all are interested to join the Association. Presence of such LDCs was seen during the meeting.
            The Association welcomed all the newly promoted Lower Division Clerks and requested all to work to strengthen the Association in order to fulfill the welfare requirements of the members.
            Membership forms and subscription forms were distributed among all the new LDCs.

V.         Farewell to the office bearers who have been promoted to executive post:-
            The following office bearers have been promoted to executive post i.e. Inspector-
                        a)  Shri Suresh Kumar Sing, ,STA- Vice President
                        b)  Shri Kamlesh Kumar Pandey, STA- Vice President
                        c)  Shri Rajeev Ranjan Shashi, STA- Organizing Secretary
                        d)  Shri Mukul Kumar, STA- Executive Member cum Committee        
                                                                            Representative for Customs,  Ahmedabad.

            The Association greeted all the above said officers and thanked them for their overwhelming support to the Unit of association.

            Further, the promoted officers have tendered their resignation from the posts of Association which has been accepted by the Association unanimously.

            The said officers were also congratulated by the Association by presenting flower bokehs.

VI.        The meeting concluded with thanks to the chair.

(Vikas Kumar Gupta)
General Secretary,
AICESTMOA, Ahmedabad Unit.

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