Thursday, 17 September 2015

Meeting with Hon'ble Chief Commissioner of Central Excise & Service Tax, Ahmedabad Zone

Meeting with Hon’ble Chief Commissioner of Central Excise & Service Tax, Ahmedabad Zone held on 16.09.2015

            Shri Vikas Kumar Gupta, General Secretary, with Shri Indramohan Chaudhary, Liason Secretary visited the Chief Commisioner’s office to pursue the status of Appointment sought from Hon’ble Chief Commissioner on the agenda points submitted vide letter dated 14.09.2015.

            As the said office bearers of the Association went to meet the Sr. P.S. of the Chief Commissioner to fix the date of appointment only, the office bearers surprised to know that Hon’ble Chief Commissioner granted instant appointment to the said office bearers.

          Accordingly, we met the Hon’ble Chief Commissioner in his chamber and apprised the issues to him.

            Gist of the discussions is given as below:

     1.   AGT in the grade of Executive Assistant & Tax Assistant :

            In this matter, the Association apprised Hon’ble Chief Commissioner that the Association is not against the rotation/AGT in the grade of Ministerial Officers but it should be carried out on the line of AGT in the grade of Superintendents/Inspectors. Further, it is the mid-term of financial year and it will create problems related to education of wards of the members if the station of posting is changed by carrying out such AGT.  

     2.  Framing of policy for transfer in each grade of Ministerial Officers :-

             In this context, the Association informed to the CC that in the existing transfer policy framed by the CCO, there is no comprehensive guidelines on transfer/rotation for each cadre of Ministerial Officer and there is a need to frame comprehensive guidelines in the matter which may be applied for entire Ministerial cadre in future.
     3.  Shortage in the grade of Ministerial Officers/staff :-

              The Association also apprised the Chief Commissioner about acute shortage of Ministerial Officers in the Zone.

              Hon’ble Chief Commissioner was very kind to give a patient hearing to our problems and wanted to know the full details and background of our issues. For this he called Deputy Commissioner (CCO) in his chamber. The meeting lasted for twenty minutes (approx.).

During the course of meeting Hon'ble Chief Commissioner also wanted to know that which cadres are covered by this Association and how is the work of Association is going on? The Association informed all the desired to him.

       Further, Hon'ble Chief Commissioner assured to look into the matter positively.

            The meeting concluded cordially.

Outcome of meeting:-

(i) The Chief Commissioner has assured us that the proposed AGT will be carried out on the line of AGT in the grade of Superintendents/Inspectors and only after framing guidelines in this regard.
(ii) Till the time, transfer/posting orders will be issued for those officers only who requests for the same subject to genuineness of grounds mentioned in their representations for transfer.
                                  Yours Comradely,
             -sd/-                                                          -sd/-
(Indramohan Choudhary)                      (Vikas Kumar Gupta)
       Liason Secretary                                  General Secretary


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  2. Is it combined counting service ldc and ta as well as havaldar and ldc for promotion?